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BlackEdge runners are designed with a unique high-tech process that combines carbon with top quality stainless steel runners. It is this complex secret amalgam that not only gives BlackEdge runners their distinctive black finish, but above all, their unmatched hardness and physical characteristics that boost skating power.

Today, thanks to high performance carbon technology, BlackEdge runners are making an impressive entry on the ice. They are setting new standards in hockey performance.
Let the revolution begin.

High Performance Carbon

Using a high-tech process:

• the gas molecule is split to retrieve the carbon;
• the carbon is combined with a top quality stainless steel runner to produce a high performance surface of exceptional hardness;
This process gives the BlackEdge runner its distinctive black color.

More Bite

With their surface 3 x harder than steel, BlackEdge runners provide skaters with:

• explosive starts and movement;
• more control in turns and stops;
• more resistance to wear.

More Glide

On contact with the ice, BlackEdge runners create a physical reaction that provides the skater with:

• a better glide;
• more speed.

Plus d'énergie

Developed for performance, the BlackEdge runners help the player maximize his power to:

• always be first at the puck;
• execute the play that will make a difference in the outcome of the game.