Skate Runners

BlackEdge coating was developed by a surface engineering lab, Technique Surface Lab Inc. (TSLab). According their lab tests, the surface hardness is 3x superior to that of steel and reduces friction with the ice by approximately 20%. Additionally, carbon-coating does not alter the weight of the blade. This is a patented technology in both Canada and the United States and Powertek is the exclusive distributer for the hockey realm.

The BlackEdge runner provides the skater more power to achieve the desired performance. It is setting new standards in hockey performance. Let the revolution begin.


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Exceptional Hardness

With their surface 3 x harder than steel, BlackEdge runners provide skaters with:

  • explosive starts and movement;
  • more control in turns and stops;
  • more resistance to wear.

More Glide


High-Performance Surface

On contact with the ice, BlackEdge runners create a physical reaction that provides the skater with:

  • a better glide;
  • more speed.

More Power

Developed for performance, BlackEdge runners help the player maximize his power to:

  • always be first at the puck;
  • execute the play that will make a difference in the outcome of the game.

Protective Sleeve

BlackEdge protective sleeves are designed for blade protection and for safe transportation and storage.

Size and models


Custom coating services

Can’t find your blade size? We offer custom coating services.